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The Stella Alpina refuge, located in the Gardeccia basin, boasts more than a century old foundations; in fact, the first testimonies are found in the maps of 1858, when it consisted only of a typical Fassano-style stable, dedicated to the shelter of animals with the overhanging "tobià" for the storage of hay. From this first structure mainly in wood, a brick building was developed at the beginning of the 1900s, because in this period mountaineering began in Val di Fassa.
In 1948 the construction was further expanded: a higher and narrower part was added to the main body, almost like an imposing bell tower, also used as a refuge for the numerous mountain lovers.

With the advent of tourism, the Stella Alpina refuge experienced a flourishing period under the management of the Zancanaro family.
During 2011 the management and ownership passed to the Riz family, and in spring 2012 the construction was modified by rebalancing the volumes and making the whole work more harmonious at the sight of those who come from the bottom of the valley, in a landscape context among the most famous and appreciated.



The renovation work was configured primarily as an extension to the north, of an underground volume to obtain storage rooms for the kitchen, toilets and an internal room adjacent to the existing bar; secondly as a volumetric redistribution, lowering the main front and raising the part on the back, thus obtaining full use of the attic.
Particular attention was paid to the plant and energy requalification, with the application of an external 16 cm external cladding, the reconstruction of the roof structure with a thermal insulation package, the replacement of the frames with fixtures adequate to achieve energy class A +. With the installation of a biomass thermal plant (pellets and wood) and the arrangement of solar panels for the production of domestic hot water to cover 80% of the requirement, and photovoltaic panels.
The set objective is to obtain a self-sufficient structure independent of external energy supplies.

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