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The Conca del Gardeccia was the setting for the 15th stage of the Giro d'Italia 2011. With this goal, not only have we tried to make known the beautiful landscapes that this amphitheater can offer in the Dolomites, but also and above all the attention of the two-wheelers on this place. In fact Gardeccia presents itself as an excellent point of arrival if you start from the Valley and have the courage to face the tough climb with peaks of 14% slope, but on a strictly asphalted road and at least from this point of view very comfortable and linear; while for the most reckless and armed cyclists with a real Mountain Bike also the climbs towards Vajolet or the outings towards Ciampedie, with mountain and dirt paths can be counted among the most adventurous and wonderful experiences !!!!
So, dear cyclists of all ages and of all possible temperaments, keep an eye on the Events page, because we, of the Stelle Alpina Spiz Piaz Refuge, are thinking about you too, maybe with a nice weekend accompanied by a good instructor who will make you know new ways and new tricks to do with your two-wheeled friend ... what do you say ????

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