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The refuge today

The building is positioned higher than the meadows of the Gardeccia, it is welcoming and hospitable, both for its location in a mountain scenario unique in the world, and for the familiar and warm environment it has inside.

The numerous windows allow the morning sun, the colors of the sunset and the peace of the evening to enter the rooms, so as to offer guests the opportunity to caress the spiers and rocks of the Catinaccio.
A touch of typical Fassa style is given by the roof: it has a heat-insulated structure, entirely covered by "shingles", that is, overlapping split larch slabs, which give the typical reddish color to the roof.

The new external cladding has maintained the difference in color between the lower part of the building and its development, characteristic of the now historic refuge, but has slightly changed the tone, so as to offer new scenarios and adaptations to the surrounding landscape even during the winter, when soft snow covers this already wonderful piece of the world.


For an adequate rest, as a true restaurateur after whole days in the mountains, the Stella Alpina Spiz Piaz refuge offers double, single or four-bed rooms, but also the experience for groups of sleeping in seven or ten-berth beds. The total accommodation capacity is 50 people, who can take advantage of eight completely renovated bathrooms and six showers.

The refuge also offers an indoor and a mezzanine room connected to the bar, as well as a large outdoor terrace that will offer comfortable accommodation to enjoy not only the surrounding environment, but also to savor tasty and hearty typical dishes. delicacies prepared with care by our kitchen and why not ... to quench your thirst with a good draft beer or a glass of grappa with a mountain flavor!

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